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TEC Mold Holdings Limited was founded in 2000, with a manufacturing space of 50,000㎡ and a workforce of over 650 employees.Through 18 years of development and investment ,TEC Mold has become aleading “one-stop manufacturing service” provider in China, certified to ISO 9001:2008? and ISO/TS16949:2009,AWARDED AS “High-Tech Enterprise of China”.

TEC Mold consists of 4 fully equipped factories in two locations, Precision Mold Shop-Shenzhen Division, Precision Mold Shop-Dongguan Division, Large Mold Shop and Injection Molding Shop-Secondary Operations in Dongguan city. each factory structured with independent teams of Quality, Project Management, Design,Engineering,and Manufacturig, with the purpose of adding emphasis on each factory strengths.


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